We need you!

From February 16th to March 6th 2015  Impact Hub DC will serve as a drop-off station for much needed school supplies and sanitary products for Sierra Leonean children affected by the Ebola outbreak.

Nine months have passed since elementary and high school students in Sierra Leone have been able to attend class due to mandatory schools closings during the peak of the Ebola outbreak.  The Sierra Leonean government has put in place measures and prevention practices that will continue to protect children as schools reopen. These include the fumigation and decontamination of schools and the training  of teachers to screen and diagnose for Ebola.

On January 15, 2015, the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area – African Affairs Committee hosted a roundtable policy and strategy session to discuss the ongoing Ebola outbreak. The session involved discussions between international delegates from Liberia and Sierra Leone and US governmental agencies and departments.  Honorable Madina Rahman, deputy minister of Health of Sierra Leone, gave a riveting testimony about the current outbreak and proposed steps for the future. She highlighted the importance of education in the reconstruction process post the Ebola outbreak.

To aid in these efforts, UNA-NCA African Affairs Committee is working effectively with other organizations to collect school supplies and other sanitary products for both elementary and high school children to mark the reopening of schools in Sierra Leone.


Supplies Needed

Chalk, Markers, Pens, Paper Clips, Binders, Erasers, Thumbtacks, Rulers, Calculators, Glue, Dry Erase Board, Color Pencils, Dictionaries, File Folders, Drawing Books, Tape, Book Bags, Clocks

Hand Sanitizer, Paper Towels, Hand Soap, Lanterns, Disinfectant wipes, Hand Lotion, Candles, Thermometers, Face and Baby wipes


** About the UNA-NCA: UNA-NCA African Affairs Committee supports the principles of the UN and promotes interactions among those interested in African affairs through educating the public about developmental issues pertinent to the African continent.


** To drop off supplies email Adwoa Masozi or come by between 9 AM – 6 PM Monday – Friday.


** For more information contact Nana Ama Afari-Dwamena