You can’t miss this!

Seriously, we really hope to see you on Thursday June 4th and Friday, June 5th.


DEMO DAY is the anticipated follow-up to the Rebuilding Reentry Coalition Hackathon.

In November of 2014, Washington D.C. was the host city for The Rebuilding Re-Entry Social Justice Hackathon. For 3 days, service providers, attorneys, technology experts, community activists and returning citizens all collaborated to create exciting solutions in Re-Entry Reform. With over 240 people having participated, tough conversations occurred, challenges were identified, and as a result, impactful technology was initially developed.

If that isn’t enough to get you here — we still have 3 reasons why you should register and invite others who should join this movement. 

1. Our entire team is energized because our speaker series is more than a conversation. Nicole Austin-Hillery, of the Brennan Center for Justice, at New York University School of Law will add her passion and expertise to our already amazing platform.

2. The tech solutions incubated since the Rebuilding Re-entry Coalition Hackathon are true testaments to what can happen when ideas are nurtured and silos are broken down. Thursday, June 4th is for anyone who has ever asked: What is this all about? How will tech benefit re-entry/criminal justice? This is the day for anyone who wants to see for themselves what Rebuilding Re-entry is all about and how they can stay plugged in.

3. We have a chance to solicit ideas to present for a new social innovation lab! Friday, June 5th will be guided by two design thinking experts—one is our very own, Beth Flores of Impact Hub DC. We need your voice in the room. Are you someone with an arrest or conviction record? Do you work with returning citizens? We are hopeful that any and all community members with experience as well as an expertise on the barriers of a successful re-entry in D.C. will join us as we seek to build ideas for how to make D.C. more re-entry friendly. This is the day for folks who want to roll up their sleeves, dream big and bet even bigger! 

4. Okay, one more. You can’t miss Demo Day, because we need your energy, your passion and your inspiration. This is our collective moment to build a movement. We can create more pathways to self-sufficiency in Washington, D.C.

We really hope to see you there!