I get it. It takes a lot to be an innovator with mission. You have limited time and resources to solve the world’s most complicated and important problems. Being a social entrepreneur, intrapreneur and innovator takes a lot of courage and involves a lot of risks, but when done well, you can be the catalyst of positive and lasting change. You want to become more strategic and efficient with balancing all your tasks.

If this sounds like you, we want to see you.

Join InnovatorsBox and Impact Hub DC for “Innovators with Mission Breakfast Club” where we will bring together mission-driven organizations that want to integrate creative thinking to solve their biggest challenges and empower their community as a leader. Learn how creativity can help you be a better problem solver, catalyst, communicator, and community leader and use stress and constraints as problem-solving resources.

To dive deeply, we have capped the number of participants to each session.

See you there!

What you will get out of it

  • Learn how creative thinking can help you be a better mission-driven leader
  • Learn how creativity can help you from burnout to empowerment
  • Learn how to manage teams or communicate with others better
  • Meet and connect with other innovators in mission-driven organizations


This program is directed toward Founders, CEOs and community leaders who want to take their mission and organization with creativity to the next level. This event is capped to 20 leaders per event.


Session 1 | March 7: Innovative Team Management – How does that work?

Session 2 | March 28: Creative Strategic Planning – How can I do that?

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Date & Time

March 28 | 10:00 am to 11:00 am


Impact Hub DC


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: $15

Cost for Non Members: $15

Updated on 02 March 2017