Are you ready to quit your 9 to 5? Or if you love your 9 to 5, do you feel like there’s something else you should be doing? Come out to the Leap of Faith Workshop where you will hear from a dynamic panel of entrepreneurs who have taken leaps of faith to pursue their passions!

The Leap of Faith Workshop presented by Kai Hugs & Company, LLC is designed for both women and men to engage in thought provoking discussion about pursuing purpose.✨

This workshop will include:
-A Performance by Actress, Kaisha S. Huguley
-Panel of Dynamic Speakers
-& More!

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Event Organizers

Kaisha S. Huguley, CEO/Founder of Kai Hugs & Company, LLC

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Date & Time

May 20 | 10:00 am to 1:00 pm


Impact Hub DC


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: $45

Cost for Non Members: $45

Updated on 15 May 2017